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Little-known tidbits about Jasper in the Canadian Rockies

A ship made of ice in the Canadian Rockies

Norm sheds some light on the little-known ‘Project Habakkuk’ where the Canadian military came to the Rockies to try and to build an aircraft carrier made partially of ice during World War II…

Spot the old man in this Jasper National Park mountain

A look at Roche Bonhomme: the so-called ‘Old Man’ in the mountains of the Canadian Rockies…

Norm needs a haircut (“Candice, where are you??”)

It’s been weeks and weeks and weeks…How-long can a tour guide with such a thick, luxurious head of silver wait until he gets a trim? Norm busts out his guitar to see…

5 wonders of Jasper Dark Sky Preserve

Jasper National Park’s hidden glacier in the Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies glacier that gave birth to a “snow tank” | Jasper National Park

INFINITE accordion-chill: Norm serenades Jasper in the Canadian Rockies

7 Secrets of Maligne Canyon | Jasper National Park

Guide to untangling Tangle Falls | Jasper National Park

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